Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I can't get a handle on this. EU seeks a ban on smokeless electronic cigarettes.

Okay, so this one's coming out of a health bureau, so the connection to the median voter isn't necessarily all that strong, but the article cites pub owners and train operators that have banned the steam sticks. Evidently, folks have been smoking them in libraries and such.

The "gateway drug" argument presupposes that the alternative is that people don't smoke at all. But the product was created specifically so that existing smokers could quit more easily, so is the unproven threat of gateway effects bad enough to revoke access to an aid to one of the hardest things a person can do (take it from someone with firsthand experience)?

And since when did anyone ever need a gateway device to start smoking? Give me a break!

Cui bono? Do RJR and Altria have arms long enough to reach across the pond?

How are these things plausibly anything other than euvoluntary, at least compared to traditional coffin nails? Ugh.

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