Monday, May 20, 2013

Poppin' Tags

HuffPo reports that Goodwill Industries employs people with disabilities at wages below the government mandated rate.


Note the rhetorical strategy: highlight the CEO pay as if it's somehow relevant for the MRP of the line employees. BATNA disparity up one side and down the other. Outrage.

Question for the Euvoluntary Exchangers in the house: is it ever possible to have a euvoluntary labor contract with someone who has severe cognitive disabilities? Milton Friedman was famous for carving out agency exceptions for the disabled. If there is some limit to the ability of some folks to commit to contracts, how are those limits prescribed? "You're taking advantage of these poor folks" isn't much of an argument from afar. There are too many plausible counterfactual stories to tell without closer case-by-case inspection, no matter how offensive it seems.

But I have to agree that in the absence of closer inspection, it does sure taste offensive. I'll be interested to see how Goodwill responds.

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