Friday, June 26, 2015

Manliest Thing Ever?

Wastin' food.

According to a household survey (n=1000) conducted by the American Chemistry Council, US households "waste" $640 worth of food a year.

I don't know about you guys, but my household wastes $0 of food per year. Once it goes in the garbage, it has a residual consumption value of nil, perhaps even negative since I'll pay to have it removed.

Economists take great pains to teach incoming students the difference between sunk accounting costs and prospective economic costs. What you paid for that now-expired quart of buttermilk down at the Piggly Wiggly is not its current economic value. What it's worth to you is the pleasure you'll get out of eating the delicious waffles you'll turn it into.

Now, it may be that people sometimes throw out spoiled food, but the alternative is either the wasted time and effort involved in scrupulously planning and executing a rigorous nutritional intake plan or it's having bare shelves once in a while. The former might suit some personality types, but I'd balk at imposing it on anyone. And the latter? The latter might have been okay when I was 20 years old living on my own. But I have mouths to feed. If that means I have to chuck the occasional moldy potato, you can bet your bottom dollar that's just what I'll do.

But don't tell me I'm throwing out $640 worth of food. I'm not. I'm discarding rubbish.

If reducing food waste is more euvoluntary, then genetically modifying or treating produce with heat, chemicals, and radiation are great ways to increase self life. I do prefer the flavor or organic, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables, but that stuff just does not last long.

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