Sunday, May 24, 2015

The "War" on "Big Food"

This is a remarkable article.

First, the idea that tastes change and that this drives business to change is not really entertained.  There has to be some first mover, a "movement," something organized.  The fact is that people want something different, and soon that thing will be provided.  Or businesses will go bankrupt.  Nothing new here.

Second, consumers are not "unreasonable."  What they are is aware of trade-offs.  If someone can come up with a "treat" that is both tasty and healthy, that someone will win big.  The only way you would call the consumer unreasonable is if you think that your market share is owned by you, the company.

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  1. If the people want all natural and GMO-free, then by God the market will happily provide. I do hope that people at least consider the trade-offs involved in shunning the processed fare that "big food" has provided over the recent decades. I suspect that more than a few non-EE transactions have taken place to steer the emergence of the global food market, but it may have served us pretty well of late, considering one of the most discussed health concerns in America today is that those with the least among us are most frequently overweight - a former unmistakable sign of great wealth. Strange twist.


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