Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill:
Duke Political Science Professor Meat Mountain Mungowitz:
"There is a great deal of ruin in a nation." -A. Smith

NCAA is a bit like a lottery. You get a break on tuition for a shot at the NBA. In return, the players provide an extremely valuable service to punters at highly-subsidized prices.

I'm curious though: is there an implied bait-and-switch? The decision to pursue a career in the NBA is made at a very early age. To be a pro athlete, you have to commit well before the legal age of consent. If you're not on the court day in and day out starting from elementary school, you probably won't hack it. Implied promises of fame and fortune lead kids into a rent contest.

Then again, politics is also a zero-sum rent contest. There are only 100 senators. If we seek to discourage hoop dreams, it's only reasonable to discredit the offices of state and actively shame anyone so dishonorable to seek election.

Now that's a euvoluntary exchange I can get behind.

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