Friday, March 20, 2015

How Much is the Civil Penalty for that Doggy in the Window?

At the heart of the "conventional ownership" condition in the sidebar is an implied question: "is it okay to own, or to do this activity, regardless of commerce?" In the case of pet breeding, I guess the answer is "no," at least around in the 580 area code (OKC).

Will a fine on backyard breeding kennels reduce the unwanted pet population? Almost certainly. Will the $500 fine fall disproportionately on poor people already struggling to make ends meet, and who are perhaps too poor to afford veterinary services? Also, almost certainly.

There's a curious habit among the people of civilized nations to punish destitute and myopic citizens for the crimes of being poor and shortsighted. Having a fertile pet may not be euvoluntary, but is taxing and fining poor pet owners the best way to keep strays from running amok? Not a rhetorical question. I cannot identify a superior alternative here. My imagination fails me.

h/t Saddy

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  1. Please keep in mind that this policy is likely to evolve.

    How is it most likely to evolve? Who will most likely to believe that they (or "we") benefit from it?


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