Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Goosey Goosey Gander

Þe olde headline meme.

Company Rescinds Ohio Man's Job Offer after Learning He Was Home Schooled

Guy gets a "diploma" from mom and dad, takes a few college courses along the way. A publicly traded (NYSE: NI) energy company gives him a job offer, then yanks it after they find out he doesn't have state-provided education credentials (not even a GED). All hell breaks loose on the blogs.

It would be tedious to rehash why labor is voluntary but not euvoluntary. Instead, ask yourself if similar moral intuitions would apply if the situation were reversed. Suppose the employer was a consortium of homeschooled ladies and gentlemen, and they rescinded a job offer when they found out an applicant had attended public school. Would that strike you as unfair?

Do minorities retain the moral latitude to discriminate against the majority? If your answer leans "yes", then does it have anything to do with BATNA disparity? Is it only the underprivileged that have a free pass to discriminate, or is any minority at liberty to move about the cabin? Should homeschooled students constitute a protected class?

Should any group constitute a protected class?

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