Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Can You Sublet a Job, if the Person You "Hire" is Better Than You Are?

It sounds like a premise for a bad movie.  Actually, a not too bad movie.  (Note to John Papola...)

Guy has a good job, as a programmer.  Very well paid.  Elaborate security, where it takes an actual physical fob to log on, because everything's encrypted.  Not a password, a fob.  I'm not talking about a password here, not a password.  A FOB.  I'm talking about a FOB.

The guy wonders if he could hire someone in China, and pay them 50% MORE than a programmer could possibly get there.  And that is still less than 50% what THIS GUY was getting paid...well, you see the opportunity.

So, the guy outsources his own job.  Sends the Fob (the actual, physical Fob) over to China.  So the guy can log on and submit work.  And the guy does it.  It's always early, and very high quality.  In fact, he may be the best employee the company has.

But then the company finds out.  And fires the guy.  Both guys, really.  All three parties, the employee, the guy in China, and the company, are worse off. 

Couldn't happen?  Too implausible.  Read all about it.  What should the company have done?

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