Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Application Charges Depend on Wealth?

So, Mars One is accepting applications.  This one was amusing.  Anything that starts with a blonde woman saying "Hello, Earth!" has my vote.

But here's interesting part for Euvoluntarists.  They (Mars One, not blonde women) are charging different application fees, based on the average wealth of the country from which you are applying. 

Question:  If it is unjust to RAISE your price for someone who is desperate, is it just to DISCOUNT your price for someone who is poor?  If, as Locke claimed, "Justice has but one measure for all men," then these discounts are unjust, discriminating against the rich.  Right?

Nod to Benjamin R., who saw the problem.

UPDATE:  I call on The Peej to apply, as soon as possible. I will kick in for the extortionate rich country app fee.
UPDATE 2:  Too late to apply, at least for the first mission.  Darn!

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