Monday, December 23, 2013


A new French (quelle surprise) study suggests brassieres could contribute to, well, here:
Women who did not wear bras had a 7 millimeter lift as measured from their nipples each year. Their breasts were also firmer, and their stretch marks faded. There was also no evidence that the bras helped get rid of back pain.
With this in mind, presupposing these results are robust, is it euvoluntary for women to continue wearing bras?

Please note that this is not evidence of a public goods problem. Unless you count men's predilection for ogling to be in the public interest. The costs and benefits of undergarment selection are entirely absorbed by the person making the decision. Right? Or would social pressures count as at least mildly coercive? Can we imagine that the shift to a bra-less society as being an equilibrium shift?

Or should we simply focus on liberating the decision to wear a bra or not, lifting stigma from either side of the decision? Is not the chief virtue of living in a liberal society the ability to choose freely and without scorn?

Liberté pour les seins!

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