Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Would YOU Do?

A man in Narragansett, RI is suing a church, because there are bells.

Okay, so blaming the breakup of his marriage on the bells is perhaps a bit much.

But the church did not start ringing the bells until (relatively) recently.  And the sound is artificially amplified, with speakers.  And they ring every morning, even during the week.

In honor of the passing of RH Coase, one of the greatest economists of all time, I ask:  If you were the judge, what would YOU do?

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  1. Part of the beef I have with some of the empirical literature on the Coase Theorem is that it takes a null barganing set as evidence that Coase was wrong. I don't believe that this is a fair reading of Coase.

    Look people, sometimes there's just no way to be a good neighbor. Misunderstandings happen. Pride, belligerence and stubborn cussedness can get capitalized. That's life, better or worse.

    It's tough to predict with a RI jury, but if I were there, I'd say the adverse possession intuition lies with Mr. Devaney. Sure, he might have factored in the possibility that the church would repair its bells into his initial purchase decision, but I don't want to be excessively generous to the typical citizen's capacity for prognostication.

    Yeah, I'm trained in economics, but there's a limit to my capacity for granting too much to the assumptions of game parameters.


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