Monday, September 30, 2013

Schooling ain't Learning!

Angus double-posts on Lant Pritchett's new book here and here. Mungo and I have noted on more than one occasion that education is not euvoluntary. So it might be worth thinking about the relationship between schooling and education.

The cargo cult accusation, if it is to be taken seriously (hint: it is) is damning for some pretty deep reasons. What if the market for education is multi-determinate? That is to say, what if to get anything approximating good education you need sincere demand from parents and students, accountable teachers, regime certainty (yikes!), incentives (decent post-education labor market opportunities), and institutions (where informal institutions rule) all at the same time?

Education isn't euvoluntary, for probably more reasons than we've noted on this blog. Schooling is even less so, particularly when it ends up wasteful and destructive.

Thanks to the Angus for the recommendation. I look forward to reading the book.

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