Thursday, August 8, 2013

Should It Be Illegal to Buy Hair?

Women's hair is quite valuable.  A good head* of long hair is worth at least $500.  Hard to trace, easy to sell. 

So, people are stealing it.  Especially in the "People's Paradise" that Sean Penn (pronounced by as "Champagne!" by Emilio) is such a fan of, for the poor people.

My question:  is the purchase of human hair wigs ethical, given that the chances of it being stolen hair are increasing?

Before you answer, remember that saying "No, make human hair wigs illegal" will substantially increase their value.  And that will make the black market demand for stealing hair go UP, making the problem worse.  All you get by making wigs illegal is that warm "I'm a do-gooder, and I like to do good!" feeling.  You actually hurt poor people with your moral smugness.

Of course, it may be worth it.  Moral smugness is VERY valuable.

*Don't start.

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