Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Anjie Brings the Heat (Again!)

Via The Ümlaut, a smashing Castillo piece on the directional euvoluntarity of female sexuality.

EE quote:
Female porn stars provide one case study. These women enjoy Bergner’s vision of uninhibited female sexuality and make money doing it. They preform sexually diverse acts, à la Bailey, and reside at Meanda’s commanding heights of male desire. While many are drawn to the sex industry under less than euvoluntary conditions, we can compare their preferences and outcomes to those of other women of similar socio-economic status. If the first order preference of sexual satisfaction is stronger for these women than the second order preference for a traditional family, we should expect porn stars to be happier and less desiring of monogamy on average than similarly-situated women outside of the porn industry.

While the male porn stars harbored few regrets from their time in “the biz,” many of the women were rattled or reeling. Their fame, power, and sexual satisfaction came at the extreme price of a diminished shot at a normal, “oppressive,” marriage and children. Undoubtedly, social stigma against sex workers is largely to blame for their plight. For better or for worse, the sexual cartel is a harsh mistress. Still, it is worth noting that some women who unwittingly live la vida Bergner jealously eye their sisters’ “shackles.”
People, the sexual menu is expanding. With heterogeneous preferences, Ozzie and Harriet are still on the table, but now so is Caligula. More choices, less stigma? That's the EE way.

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