Monday, July 8, 2013


Interesting piece.  A bit wandering, but then it's a blog post.

One idea that is pretty cool is this:  Why are we so stuck on number 0, as a "correct" payment?  Sometimes the payment might go one way, sometimes another.  We allow "students" to pay for college; why must firms pay "workers"?  Might not workers be willing to pay to be educated?

So, not only should unpaid internships be allowed, but perhaps internships where the intern actually pays the company should be allowed.

Like I said, interesting.  A very poor person might borrow to pay for an internship/apprenticeship, and be glad to have done it.  With imperfect capital markets, it's hard to borrow against future earnings, unless you are rich enough to go to college.  Can't borrow to pay for a chance to work in a muffler shop for a year.  But that year would make me MUCH more employable.

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