Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sexual Surrogacy: Euvoluntary?

Okay, let's get it over with.  This first paragraph is hilarious.  Go read it.

Now, a serious question:  This young woman has a legitimate, sad and difficult request.

Should sexual surrogacy be legal?  By prescription?  She has lost the use of her muscles, not her sense of touch, or being touched.

The issues, in comments.  More.   A video:

Why would sexual surrogacy be less voluntary than work as a nurse who has to clean paralyzed people who have soiled themselves?  Sure, there is a problem of someone taking advantage of a paralyzed person, but that happens now.  What if the paralyzed person desires to be touched?

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  1. I think that if the paralyzed person desires to be touched, there should be no law against this--it should be entirely legal, and on a larger scale, intimacy is integral to leading a fulfilling life. People who aren't able to have intimacy with others tend to suffer from deep depressions, which causes a myriad of other problems. This should be seen as a good thing, in my opinion.


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