Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nudity and Food Service

BBQ joint in TX on the receiving end of a cease-n-desist for body paint-n-pasty food service following customer complaints.


One of the four reducible forms of a simple game is the BoS game. Some authors will call it Bach or Stravinsky, but the original name is Battle of the Sexes. It goes like this:

A husband and wife both want to go out for the night. The husband wants to see a Bach performance and the wife wants to see a Stravinsky performance. Each would prefer to see their own more than the other's, but they'd rather see the other's than to stay home and watch another soul-crushing episode of Dancing With The Bears or whatever lurid crap is found on the TV. Negotiations ensue. This game is interesting in pure game theory because it helps students understand mixed-strategy Nash equilibrium and to get a fix on the Folk Theorem a bit easier.

But it's a real thing, people! The will of the majority doesn't just apply to electoral politics. If the group wants to go to Topless Tuesday or whatever, you risk ostracism if you stay home like a Grumpy Gus. But neither might you want to see a waitress whose job it is that night to (forgive my French) sit out with her tit out. So what's the remedy? Complain to the health department (in this specific case, the city council) and put a coercive kibosh on "unsanitary" food service.

Because human breasts have nothing whatsoever to do with nutrition. Egads.

But the meta-lesson here is that the game theory of euvoluntary exchange yields interesting results with more players, says I.

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