Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Labor is not Euvoluntary: Orphanarium Edition

From Delfi.lt, a story I can't find an English translation for. And the online translator isn't working for me. My Lithuanian readers won't have any trouble, but the other two of you might. Here's the skinny: temporary Lithuanian workers in Norway are having their kids taken into state custody on the grounds that they're living in unacceptably poor conditions.

Never mind that they're there of their own free will or that they've made the express, rational decision to save on material comforts in exchange for a higher standard of living back home in the future or that they're making remittance payments to relatives living in squalor back home. No, it's important that everyone is equal, and if that's not the case, the Norweigan Barnevern (CPS) will relocate your children as one of the delightful public services they offer.

How enlightened.

Bastiat squirmed.

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