Friday, May 17, 2013

Sad. But Illegal?

In a pathetic way, this woman is trying to take responsibility for her child (though, since she's pregnant again, it's hard to predict a good outcome).

"Stephanie Redus, 29, told authorities that she placed the ad [on Craigslist] because she struggles with depression and anxiety, CBS Houston reports. She is currently pregnant. The ad stated:

'Hi, I'm trying to adopt out my three-year-old son. I'm not in a good place in my life and don't feel like I can care for him properly, but I don't know where to start. If you or know anyone who is interested in caring for him please let me know. I'm a single mom and can't do this. Thanks, Desperate.'

...Redus is charged with advertising for placement of a child."


 So, the lady is NOT trying to sell her son, she is trying to "adopt out" the lad.  Doing it on Craig's List is a bad idea, since the state has asserted a monopoly on controlling adoption.  But is that right?  Should a parent be able to make arrangements to take of her own child? 

Note that if she were advertising for day care, or extended care, and SHE could pay, it would be fine.  The mom can advertise for an arrangement to take care of her child if she is rich.

And it would be clearly wrong if she were trying to sell the child, asking for money in exchange for "title" in the form of adoption.

The middle case, this one, is the interesting one.  Can she give the child away?  And, if so, can she use social media to try to find a good match?

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