Thursday, April 18, 2013

Moral Hierarchy Based on Wealth?

Interesting.  The left gets it silk boxers all twisted into slip-knots over disparities in wealth and how that causes problems with "access" to primary goods.

But then they go and set up moral rules that actually require great wealth before one can act morally.  In other words, maybe it's a problem that only rich people get to join country clubs.  But it is CERTAINLY a problem when we set up arbitrary (and economically pointless) rules that impose moral judgments based on economic capacity. 

Case in point:  you are morally superior if you can drive your Volvo (okay, nowadays it's a Prius) to the organic farmers' market and pay double price for local vegetables grown extremely inefficiently.  But of course poor people can't do any of those things.  SMUGTIME!  Look at me! I'm a rich liberal, and I am buying organic!  I'm better than those poor people I claim to love.

My good friend Marc Bellamare goes off

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