Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Duke UNC Tix: Fungible?

So, this kid was tenting (ie, waiting in line for WEEKS as a rationing mechanism for basketball tickets at Duke.  "Tenting" is queuing), and realized that he could sell his ticket for $1000, or more.  The story.  He may get punished pretty severely.

The Duke-UNC game in Cameron is famously hot, noisy, and exciting.  I got to see one once, and it was something else.

Here's the thing:  the ticket is "free" to the student, and the student owns the ticket, except that (a) because it's free the student has to pay three weeks of time in a tent in January, and (b) the student cannot sell the ticket.

But lots of people sell their tickets to the Duke-UNC game.  Check any web site; there are PLENTY of tickets for sale.  They aren't cheap.  But they are available.  In fact....they are available PRECISELY because they are NOT CHEAP.

Should students be able to sell their tickets, if everybody else can?  I think the answer is "no," it's different.  And if you want, I'll even tell you why, in a future post.

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  1. I would like to know why it is different. I kind of "feel" the difference, but I have a hard time making the logical case in my head.


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