Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sugar Baby Colleges: You Sure Know How to Arrange Things

With apologies to the Eagles:  "A rich old man, she won't have to worry...she'll dress up all in lace, and go in style."

Or so it seems, given the rise of "sugar baby" college ladies using "Arrangements.  The story is here.  The web site, "SeekingArrangement.com" , is here.  ("Sure know how to arrange things," indeed).  You may not want to click through, however.  Not sure what sort of ick cookies THAT site comes with.  After all, "It breaks her heart...to think her love is only...given to a man with hands as cold as ice."  The Eagles lyrics/video:

All leading to the question:  euvoluntary?  These young ladies, according to the article at least, are looking for something like $3,000 per month.  That allows them to pay their college expenses and stay in school.

  They could, of course, work as waitresses, or some other job.  But it wouldn't "pay" as well.  And this way they can fool themselves into thinking it isn't pay at all.

And what about the Eagles' song?  Is "wife" really the "oldest profession," after all?  That young lady clearly had choices.  She just like to dress up all in lace and go in style.  Still, I guess every form of refuge has its "price."  Euvoluntary?

With a nod to John-O, who has a daughter, bless his heart.

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