Thursday, January 24, 2013

Should Doctors Make Housecalls? Should They Be Paid More?

Angry Alex sends this bit.

Findings from the 2012 Commonwealth Fund international health-policy survey show not only does Canada lag behind other countries in rapid access to doctors outside working hours, but Manitoba ranks at the bottom compared to other provinces.

"That isn't satisfactory," said Dr. Michael Moffatt, a Winnipeg pediatrician and member of the Health Canada Council, which released the report. "The public actually owns the system, and they should be getting better service."

Moffatt said doctors have "drifted away" from feeling responsible for their patients on a 24-hour, year-round basis, adding emergency rooms have become a "default system" for both physician and patient. Between 85 and 90 per cent of patients who visit emergency rooms have personal doctors, he said.

Those prices.  They ain't NEVER lied.  But price incentives may not be euvoluntary.  Minimum wage laws on workers distort price signals, just as maximum wage laws on doctors is causing a shortage in Manitoba.

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