Thursday, September 13, 2012

Webinar (also)

So, attended a "webinar" with the wonderful Sarah Straw of IHS, on the subject of EE and non-worseness. Very interesting experience, several good questions. Co-blogger Mike Munger gave the talk, and that was nice!

 I asked a question on consequentialism vs deontology and got back a very clear answer that I should have included in my recent post on the issue. Simply put, there are occasional conflicts between deontological objections to trade and the consequences they generate. When this happens, the circumspect thing to do is to consider whether the benefit you get from assuaging your moral discomfort is worth the practical price that others have to pay on your behalf. The "private benefits; public costs" problem is one of the cornerstones of Virginia School Public Choice, of which I count myself a student. I apologize to my readers for not being more clear and I thank the GTM for thoughtfully and gently reminding me without resorting to the name-calling I probably deserve.

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