Saturday, November 26, 2011

Airline Travel: Putting Seat Back

Putting the seat back can be pretty bad for the person behind you. Is there a negotiated solution?
Coase might say, "Yes."

But would side payments be okay? Could I offer to give you $20 not to put your seat back? Could you refuse, but then when I get made offer ME $20 to be allowed to put your seat back?

Who "owns" the rights? I think most people say if you sit in a seat, you can put the seat back. Here is a poll: In a recent USA TODAY/TripAdvisor survey that drew more than 6,500 responses, travelers were conflicted: Asked "what's your position on reclining plane seats?" 27% answered, "I have the right to recline," while another 27% said "all seats should be non-reclining." Bringing up the rear: "It's rude to recline" (17%), "I only recline when sleeping" (15%), and "It depends who's behind me" (13%).

But what about mealtime? Should you ask? Should you go slowly?

Three short videos on etiquette. The LMM really hates seat back grabbers.

Thanks to the LMM!

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  1. Seat recliners turn me into a seat back grabber.

    13% say "It depends who's behind me"? What types of people is it okay to recline on or not okay to recline on?


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