Saturday, October 22, 2011

You can give sex, but you can't sell it....

Steven Levitt on prostitution. Illegal prostitutes are better off with a pimp. But are we better off because prostitution is illegal?

Stealing sex is rape, clearly involuntary. But is all "free" sex voluntary? Is all paid sex involuntary?


  1. Some people don't take sex as something big.They are used on to doing it and if selling their bodies is what they like then we should not critisize them.Though it is a disgrace to some woman who respect themselves.

  2. These women today are so difficult to get the time of day and sex from, because of their crazy "mentality," and "self-entitlement,"
    Issues that they have. You are supposed to remain a "virgin," because
    They want guys who will take their sh*t and like it, dumb down and be
    An idiot for them, Yet they complain that there are good men in the
    World, but when they find them, they reject them, they are two
    Hypocritical and contradictory and fun, and that is why they will
    Forever be in the type of situations that they are, because of their


Do you have suggestions on where we could find more examples of this phenomenon?