Saturday, October 8, 2011

Need Bone Marrow, But Can't BUY Bone Marrow

Twitter campaign to find a bone marrow match for Amit Gupta.
Tweet by Cameron Moll: Seth Godin: "If you're a match for @superamit, I'll send a check for $10,000 for you or the charity of your choice." —

by Cameron Moll at 10/7/11 4:19 PM

So, the above is a retweet of an attempt by Seth Godin to find bone marrow, essentially an organ, for his friend Amit Gupta.

Seth Godin says:
How about if we gamify it? Here's the deal: if you are a match for Amit and the marrow donation happens, I'll profile you or the project of your choice on the blog and send you a check for $10,000 for you or the charity of your choice. Winner take all, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited... (Even if you don't win, if you swab we all win). [Updated to reflect a statute I was unaware of: You win the prize if you're the first certified match, but donating is completely up to you. It takes a year for records to be released, but I'm good for it. If this still doesn't pass muster, the prize goes to charity. And of course, this is an offer from me, not endorsed by any agency or organization, etc.]

If I can be so bold as to suggest a hashtag: #IswabbedforAmit

Interesting that he had to update to "reflect a statute." The point is that people won't do it for free, but they might do it for a 1 in 100,000 shot at $10,000 for a charity. (assuming the "lottery" is the chance you will be a donor match on the cheek swab). Note, however, that that is only an expected donation of a dime, $0.10. Better to send your favorite charity a dollar, and save the postage

But then wouldn't it be better still if Amit Gupta's friends could contribute to a fund that would be used to PAY FOR THE BONE MARROW? I mean, we are talking about a tiny amount of money here. Why not let people take up donations to pay? That is quite different from saying that rich people get the bone marrow. This is a charity drive. But even a charity drive has to "reflect a statute." Oh, and here is a description of the statute in question...

(Thanks to Michael Tofias for the tip)

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