Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Episode 3: Maggie McNeill

Today's discussion is with Maggie McNeill, the Honest Courtesan. We discuss sex work, criminalization, misinformation, the abuses inherent in the sex offender registry, the courage of Belle Knox, and many other things. I hope you enjoy our chat.


Additional material mentioned in the podcast:
The Honest Courtesan
Maggie's Resources Page
Lies, Lies, Misconceptions, and more Lies
Stats on Transgender Sex Workers Misrepresented by Police Reports (the estimate is closer to 10% rather than the 5% we noted in the discussion)
Radley Balko: Rise of the Warrior Cop
Mustard Seeds and Vampires
Bruce Yandle on Bootleggers and Baptists
Arnold Kling: The Three Languages of Politics

You can follow Maggie on Twitter here: @Maggie_McNeill
And me here: @Spivonomist
And Belle Knox here (Not Even Remotely SFW): @belle_knox

Also, apologies for the plosives. I'm working on that.

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