Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where's the Harm?

Swedish butter thugs ship in contraband butter.

Heroic Norwegian police spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on patrols to insure that no butter is brought into Norway. Oh, and the cops are going to destroy the butter, presumably by rubbing it on themselves, and each other, in the sauna. ("WHEEEEE!")

The problem: Norway has a butter shortage. Not because of a hurricane, or a natural disaster, but because... the Norwegian police have laid siege to the country.

A video from Norway, "explaining." Wow. Not sure how could someone could be this confused. (Yes, probably a goof. But gotta give credit. A brilliant goof.)

If a foreign army had surrounded Norway (okay, you'd need a navy, too, but pay attention!), and prevented products from being shipped in, that would be an act of war, right?

But if Norway does it TO ITSELF, it's called "protection."

My question: given that the EU price of butter is , what in the world are the Norwegians doing? Let's put it this way: would you rather be a poor Swede munching down delicious butter cookies, or a rich Norge who can't afford butter? The point of an economy is to get STUFF, not MONEY. Midas died of starvation. Merry Christmas, Norway, enjoy all the money you can't spend on the stuff you need.

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